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"I've just had my first win, a trip to china for two, and I can't wait to go, should be very exciting, and different. Thank you very much."
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"Hi, I've had my first win. I won some software - worth £229.99 according to - it will come in very useful for me. "

"I have just won a 4 night trip to New York with £250 to spend. We are going in June for my partner's birthday. "

"I was really pleased to have won a MP3 Wrist-watch in the week from a competition which you entered me for. "

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"Hey! Received a MP3 player from Wanadoo today- guess that`s due to you guys - thanks! Thats 2 prizes within 12 months - keep up the good work. "

"Just arrived home and there was a box containing a very nice speaker system with a congratulations note. As I no longer enter draws myself it must be through you so cheers. "

"Just to let you know i won a nice cordless keyboard and mouse, it's a nice prize and i will be renewing my subs when due. "

"Just to let you know, I've finally won a prize. A 40 gig external computer back up drive. Now I really know your system works. It just came through the post without prior notification which was really exciting. "

"I have received an email informing me I have won a Digital Camera. Many thanks and keep up the great work. "

"Just to let you know. I won a Runner up prize. The prize was an MC60 Digital camera phone. Very nice thanks. "

"Just to let you know, I was one of the ten runners up and got £100 worth of vouchers. Looking forward to more winnings. "

"I have just received a letter telling me i have won a two night stay in Geneva. "

"I have won the first prize and received the console today....thanks so much. "


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Write Awesome Prize Winning Slogans
'Pun-ch Lines' by renowned Lynne Suzanne (£100,000 winnings) helps you build 1st Rate competition slogans in minutes. This really is a great book, and one every comper should have sat on their shelf. When you need some instant inspiration, flip through it and be on your way to another potential winning slogan!

Compers Neews
Monthly prize competition magazine featuring all kinds of prize draws and competitions from no purchase necessary to text comps. Now also includes the winning slogans 'Windex'.

Win24 Entry Service
A rival automatic competition entry service. We don't mind the competition. Let us know what you think?

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Writing a slogan for a competition - but struggling to get a good rhyme? Try out Rhyme Zone. It's free, and can give you near matches too for those really tricky words you need a rhyme for.

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A lottery syndicate really boosts your chances of winning - it's the best way to play the UK Lotto. You get a better chance of winning, without paying out more money for extra tickets. You have to share the winnings, but that's no great hardship. This site rates and reviews lottery syndicates from all over the world.

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Please contact us to add anything useful you think should be here. Thanks.

COMPER, Informal a person who regularly enters competitions in newspapers, magazines, etc. Especially competitions offering consumer goods as prizes.

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