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Best Competition Magazines - finding competitions isn't always easy. But there are some fantastic magazine out there for compers which will help you find the best competitions fast. Make use of these and you can enter far more competitions in less time - and increase your chances of scoring a nice competition prize.

Winning Slogan Competitions: The Easy Way - the great thing about slogan competitions is they are HARD. That's a good thing because it means not many people enter. Particularly smaller local competitions. In fact, some get so few entries they have trouble picking a decent winner! But here's some sneaky advice on entering slogan comps without the agony of trying to dream up something incredibly clever, apt and original all by yourself.

Lucky Break! Magazine - a bi-monthly magazine packed with 40 exclusive competitions open to readers only.

Prize Quest Magazine - all competitions are organised exclusively for the magazine subscribers only.

Prizes Galore Magazine - over 30 exclusive subscriber competitions to enter, giving hundreds and hundreds of prizes to be won.

Puzzles Galore Magazine - monthly subscription only magazine full of fun and challenging puzzles.

Winning Breaks Magazine - a quarterly prize draw magazine, packed with exciting exclusive competitions to win Luxury Dream Holidays at home and abroad.

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