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Winning Slogan Competitions
- The Easy Way

There's a very good reason why winning a slogan competition is actually easier than most other types of competition...

It takes more effort to enter!

That simple fact means most people don't bother, or don't get around to entering.

If you enter a slogan competition that is being run by a local company, chances are only a handful of people will actually enter. Amazing but true! That means if you do enter, your chances of winning of are truly excellent. A national competition will attract more entries, but your chances are still extremely good indeed - IF YOU ENTER!

So how do we make it easy for you to enter - and take your winning chances from none to excellent?

OK, let me warn you, it's still going to take just a little effort on your part. But how does about 10 to 20 minutes of effort to win a car or a luxury holiday sound? (Instead of days of being organised and creative??!)

Quite, sounds good to me too!

You could try and be really creative and come up with something totally fresh... oh wait a sec, you're not a creative genius working for the Saatchi and Saatchi advertising agency...!? Neither am I!

The fact is, most slogan competitions are won by entries that follow similar styles. Virtually identical slogans have won major prizes in different competitions! The reason being that certain punchy rhyming phrases just work well in capturing our attention, and obviously therefore grab the attention of the judges.

So if you want a great chance of winning but without days of agonising over a snappy slogan, here's the lazy way. Take a suitably structured slogan that you know has won and tweak it. I say suitably structured as not all slogans will fit the tiebreaker of the competition you are entering. And tweaking simply means substituting words such as the brand name or type of product. After all, you know you already have a winner to start with. Spend 10 minutes finding a slogan that best fits the type of competition, 5 minutes substituting words, then post your entry. Job done.

Where to Find Winning Competition Slogans:-

1. Read the small print of a slogan competition and you'll see that after the closing date you can request details of the winners (AND their slogans) from the promoter.
2. Intaslogans books. These handy little books are packed with winning slogans. And you can pick from 12 subjects such as Motoring, Home and Garden or Fashion & Beauty. You can get Intaslogans from Amazon.
3. PrizeFocus will give you 101 winning tiebreakers free on joining the UK competition entry service.


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