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"I've just had my first win, a trip to china for two, and I can't wait to go, should be very exciting, and different. Thank you very much."
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"Hi, I've had my first win. I won some software - worth 229.99 according to - it will come in very useful for me. "

"I have just won a 4 night trip to New York with 250 to spend. We are going in June for my partner's birthday. "

"I was really pleased to have won a MP3 Wrist-watch in the week from a competition which you entered me for. "

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"Hey! Received a MP3 player from Wanadoo today- guess that`s due to you guys - thanks! Thats 2 prizes within 12 months - keep up the good work. "

"Just arrived home and there was a box containing a very nice speaker system with a congratulations note. As I no longer enter draws myself it must be through you so cheers. "

"Just to let you know i won a nice cordless keyboard and mouse, it's a nice prize and i will be renewing my subs when due. "

"Just to let you know, I've finally won a prize. A 40 gig external computer back up drive. Now I really know your system works. It just came through the post without prior notification which was really exciting. "

"I have received an email informing me I have won a Digital Camera. Many thanks and keep up the great work. "

"Just to let you know. I won a Runner up prize. The prize was an MC60 Digital camera phone. Very nice thanks. "

"Just to let you know, I was one of the ten runners up and got 100 worth of vouchers. Looking forward to more winnings. "

"I have just received a letter telling me i have won a two night stay in Geneva. "

"I have won the first prize and received the console today....thanks so much. "


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The Secret of Winning
Top UK Competitions
Without Lifting a Finger!

Now you can join our exclusive group
of 'pain-free' UK competition winners...

Hundreds of Prize Focus members now enjoy the thrill that every day could be a winning day. Every time they pick up their email or open a letter in the morning they get a buzz of excitement. Team that with not having to go through the pain of entering - and that's just icing on the cake.

Of course that would mean nothing if they weren't winning - but they have won some great UK prizes:

"I've just had my first win a trip to china for two, and i cant wait to go, should be very exciting, and different. Thank you very much."

"Just to let you know. I won a Runner up prize. The prize was an MC60 Digital camera phone. Very nice thanks."

"I have just won a 4 night trip to New York with £250 to spend. We are going in June for my partner's birthday."

"Hi, I've had my first win. I won some software - worth £229.99 according to - it will come in very useful for me."

"Just to let you know, I was one of the ten runners up and got £100 worth of vouchers. Looking forward to more winnings."

"I received a Logitech Cordless Keyboard and Mouse today which was a surprise as I had no e-mail telling me I had won it. What a nice surprise - Thankyou."

"I have just received a letter telling me i have won a two night stay in Geneva."

"I have won the first prize and received the console today....thanks so much."

No More Tedious Competition Hunting or Form Filling

I used to spend hours trawling web sites and search engines for UK competitions, hunting for the really worthwhile prizes. If I was going to win something I wanted a great holiday, a car or big cheque - not a CD or book! I spent up to 5, even 10 hours a week filtering out the 'token prizes', avoiding the 'you must register to enter' sites, the compulsory newsletters, the nightmare confusion of 'untick this box to not receive our newsletter' - what? do I tick or not!? - all just to find a handful of gems amongst all the rubbish. That's why we brought you Prize Focus - so now, you don't have to put up with all that, because we do it all for you.

Automatic Competition Entry

It took many months to develop our unique proprietory software. We call her ACE - that's Automated Competition Engine to the rest of us! We give her a little help with the tough questions and which boxes to tick, but then she's away giving our Members real chances of winning great prizes with zero effort.

And ACE has been working really hard, cranking out well over 100,000 entries into UK competitions already, exclusively for our Members. ACE has been working so hard in fact that even though we guarantee a minimum of 500 top competitions a year, we've actually been averaging at an amazing 800 a year! Top quality prizes only. All without so much as a check-box, long entry form or obscure question ever needing to cross your path again.

You Can Only Win If You Are Entered!

You've probably heard the phrase 'you have to be in it to win it', and of course it is true. Do you just dream of owning a sleak, freshly waxed, brand new car picked up from the show room - or do you want a real chance of winning one.

Of course we all know that entering online competitions is a numbers game. It's down to the luck of the draw - as long as you are actually in the draw that is! It's a bit like playing the lottery - only having a far better chance of actual winning! In fact, if we claimed you would definitely win with Prize Focus you'd have every reason to doubt our honesty. Which is exactly why we never make promises we can't keep. We'll always do the very best we can for you. Every week you will be entered in the cream of UK competitions online. And with an absolute minimum of 500 top competitions a year for a lot less than it costs to play the lottery. But just like the lottery of course, if you don't enter you really do have zero chance of winning.

It Saves You So Much Time

Have you ever timed how long it takes to enter a competition online. It sounds quick and painless when they say 'just answer the question and fill in your details below'. But once you've typed your name and address for the tenth time in a row, finally found the answer to the obscure question about how many beaches there are in Jamaica, wrestled with the most confusing series of 'do you want more information' tick boxes that you just know were written to trip you up -- it can actually add up to 5, even 10 minutes of your personal time! Do that just 10 times and not only is your patience wearing thin but you just heard your favourite TV program - finishing!

Even for those of us lucky enough to be able to type with more than 2 fingers, where there isn't a tough question and you've taken your best guess at the 'more information' tick boxes - it still takes a good minute or two to fill in the form. And that's once you've found a really good competition worth entering in the first place. 500 of those is equivalent to nearly a full week at work! That's time you could spend doing something you'd much rather be doing.

Only The Very Best Prizes

There are hundreds of UK competitions every week on the internet, but so many of them offer extremely poor prizes. Sure, it's kind of fun to win anything, but we reckon if you really wanted a particular book or CD - you'd buy it anyway! That's why we filter out all the little 'token prizes' and focus on the high value competitions. If your name gets drawn I'm pretty sure you'd be a heck of a lot happier if the email said "Congratulations, call us to let us know what dates you would like to take your 5 star luxury trip to the Carribean Islands", rather than "Congratulations, where would you like your CD sent"...!

Here's just a small sample of the prizes our Members are waiting to hear if they have won right now:

  • Mini One Car worth over £10,000
  • Orange SPVe200 Mobile Phone worth £375
  • Canon IXUS II Digital Camera
  • Sony DCR-TRV33E Digital Camcorder worth £1,000
  • Holiday for 2 to Venice
  • Sony KE32TS2 32inch Plasma TV
  • XBox Console and 1MB Broadband for a Year
  • Dell Insprion 5150 3GHz Laptop
  • 5 Star Weeks Holiday to Vegas
  • 4 Week Adventure Exploring the Inca heartland
  • Complete DVD Home Cinema System
  • Apple iPod MP3 Player
  • £100,000 Cash Lump Sum
  • Pair of 1 Year Unlimited Cinema Tickets

All of these fantastic prizes (and many more!) came up in recent competitions - I'm sure there is something there we'd both be thrilled to win, even just once in a lifetime!

Cheaper Than Playing The Lottery

Of course a service of this quality could never be free - you wouldn't expect it to be around very long if it were! But we do believe in giving you value for money, so 12 months of membership will currently, today, only cost you £34.95. I say today because the price is set to rise as we run out of available memberships. But if you do join today, I will guarantee you that you get to lock-in that price - so even if the price increases later, you will never pay more.

Don't Delay, Only 500 Exclusive Memberships Available

Do please join us today though because we are taking on only a total of 500 Members. If we hit 500 Members tomorrow then we will not be able to accept your application. It's a promise we have made to all the Members who have joined us so far and a promise we cannot, and will not withdraw. Once they are gone, that really is it!

Money Back Guarantee

We are so convinced you will be delighted with the sheer volume of top quality prizes up for grabs every week, that we are more than happy to give you a straight up, no questions, guarantee of satisfaction. That's a 100% full money back guarantee if you change your mind anytime within 90 days.

Double Guarantee

Not only that, but if we don't find and enter you into at the very least 500 superb competitions in the next 12 months - you get a 100% full refund of your membership fee. That's our promise to you.


Sorry Membership Currently Full

Extra Bonus If You Join Us Today (worth £9.95)

Join us today and we'll also give you another priceless bonus absolutely free. Tie breaker competitions are hard, very hard. You know the ones, complete the sentence in no more than 20 words - 'I buy chippies chips because....'! So we're going to give you 101 genuine prize winning tie breakers. Think how much easier it will be to make a small adjustment to any of these and produce a tie breaker with a real chance of winning. These slogans are the proven hand crafted genius that have won the very best of the best prizes.

P.S. There really are only 500 Exclusive memberships available - once they are taken that is it. Please don't put off joining till tomorrow - you may be too late.

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